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Real Estate

Real Estate, sometimes known as Real Property, describes land and natural (i.e. trees, minerals, oil & gas) and artificial fixtures (buildings, fences, driveways) to the land. Real Estate is transferred from one owner or owners to another via a deed. Deeds, showing ownership of Real Estate, are recorded in real estate offices of the circuit clerk in the county where the Real Estate is located.

Real Estate can be owned by one person or multiple people. It can also be owned by entities such as trusts or corporations. Mineral and oil rights can be separated from land and ownership transferred or sold while still retaining ownership of the land above the mineral or oil deposits. The type of ownership interest someone has in Real Estate and whether they also own the mineral and oil rights is set out in the deed.

Common issues or problems involving real estate include title disputes, contract disputes over terms and other issues of sale, boundary-line disputes, easement or access rights, creditors’ liens, and division or transfer of Real Estate.

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