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Guardian Annual Report

Guardian Annual Report

In Arkansas a guardian is required to file an annual report every year with the court.  The purpose of the report is to let the judge know how the ward is doing. The ward is the person who the guardianship is over. (The definition of ward can be found here.) The report should also be shared with others interested in the ward, such as family members. The report does not have to be long, but does have to set out certain things required by Arkansas law. Further, the report must be signed by the guardian and filed at the courthouse.

 What Has to be in the Annual Report?

The guardian’s annual report should contain a brief description of the ward’s current health, including both the physical and mental condition of the ward. The report should also set out whether the ward is in school or working and any special problems the ward is having. In addition, the report should state where the ward lives and who the ward lives with. Finally, the guardian’s report should state whether the guardianship is still needed.

Annual Accounting

The guardian may also have to file with the report an annual accounting. The annual accounting lets the judge and interested persons know how the guardian is managing the ward’s money and property. The annual accounting may not be necessary if the ward has little property or if the guardianship is only over the ward’s person and not the ward’s estate. If the judge or a person interested in the ward has questions about the accounting, a hearing may be set.

What Happens if I Don’t File an Annual Report?

The annual report of the guardian is typically due within sixty days of the anniversary date of the guardianship. If the guardian does not file the report on time, the guardian may get a friendly reminder from the judge’s office that the report is due. If the report is never filed, the guardian may have to come before the judge to explain why. The judge may even dismiss the guardianship if the annual report is not filed.

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